Why CPA Marketing?

Paid traffic resources have been much favoured by marketers as a quick way of driving targeted traffic to anywhere they want it to go. I was fearful of buying traffic when starting out as an internet marketer (also I could not afford it). It took a long time to wake up and realise how much time I had wasted.

How did that time get wasted? Expecting Google to keep the rules the same and let me get my sites where I needed them with just SEO being my main means of traffic.

Yip, I thought I knew how and what the big G had in store and could ride the storm – and game the system. How wrong can a person be?

When everything went all wrong and the dreaded email arrived saying that my sites were not of the sort that were wanted anymore for AdSense, I had to start all over again.

CPA Was the Natural Progression

The decision to go forward with Cost per Action was easily made when I saw the results that others were pulling in. Although applications had been successfully negotiated a few years previously to join various networks, there had never been any major emphasis on my part to actually do anything active with them.

If ever there was a time to learn, it was then. There are so many courses available that explain how to extract a return on investment; it was a bit overwhelming at first.

Having studied many WSO’s and other available ‘quick start’ type products, my journey began. What I found that worked for me was a hybrid of List Building and CPA offers from the networks. Sprinkling in Clickbank offers with my funnel, a list was soon built which proved responsive.

Discovering that no niche was closed to this type of marketing, it was not long before experimentation started and building a list became easy. Having previously found list building a difficulty, this was amazing to me.

So, that is what led to my great discovery that CPA was the way I needed to progress. The learning continues as what worked last week is different to what does this – so there is no room to sit and let things change without keeping up with the latest trends.


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