2017 – Where are You Going?

beach officeEvery New Year there is the panic mode to start making a difference or sweeping promises to change how we are and where we want to be. What have you promised yourself in a blind panic to improve your lot this year?

For me, arriving back in the United Kingdom via Moscow after three weeks on the beaches of Thailand was a grim reminder that my bank balance was the reason to return. The cold wet arrival in the dark was sobering after the warm sunshine and tranquility of the days gone by. Sitting down in my office eight hours after landing was almost too much for me.

The corporate world has somehow lost its attraction. Seeing how things have changed over the years I realize that it is me who is changing and not the business where I work. So now the need for real change has hit me.

For far too long I have skulked in the back ground watching others making the money online that I wish to have. That is stopping this year.

Now is the time that I start moving away from the things that have hampered me in the past and stopped me getting where I want to be. Everything I have done until now is just a dress rehearsal.

2017 is going to be my year.

work environmentThere is no good reason to make changes for changes sake. The reason I want to change is to return to where I have just come from to save my sanity.

Sitting behind a desk in a pod and trawling through three weeks of emails (including the corporate mindlessness) and then sitting in meetings which are a mimic of the one from last week and the week before left me in a state of numbness. Surely there is more to life than this? Hence my decision.

So what is the game plan as far as this website and my own destiny?

Looking in my various gmail and other email accounts, there is a lot of drivel sent to me every day which I have become a slave to. Goodbye all. The unsubscribe button has been used so I can clear away those who are not sending me value and only selling.

Having cleansed my inbox, what about the outbox? The use of the outbox will only be for networking and PRODUCTIVE work.

Sometimes focus is lost so it is always a good thing to take a step back and see where the things that make money come from and what is re hashed drivel which is a drain. Looking back at this website is sobering.

What direction do you want to go in your online journey?

Mine has now been clearly defined. It has only taken a few years!

There are too many people who place all their proverbial eggs in one basket. My perspective is many eggs and many baskets.

With this in the forefront, what is the way forward and why do this approach?

When my Ad Sense account was up and running (before they said goodbye to me – oops!) it was all I focused on. For years I poured everything I had into my sites running on the Ad sense model. Then Google sent me the fateful email.

From a steadily rising income to zero overnight. Try that for devastation. Lesson learnt – do not have only one income stream. Lots of baskets.

What ‘baskets’ am I having?

Amazon is not going anywhere and I have had success with sites that promote their product lines. Knowing a prolific Amazon site builder of repute, I have had him build me sites which are now up and running.

Five sites are what I want as this is a manageable number which should bring in the level of income I desire. Why get someone else to do what I am totally competent to do?

He is an expert who can have a site built in a few days. It would take me longer and would not be of the standard he can achieve which is a winning formula. If I can afford to outsource an expert to do something which will be a perfect solution, I would rather do that than do a hit or miss attempt which could (probably would) fail if I do it.

Is That It?

writing with laptopNope. That is the base line which I will be starting with. Next step is to start content writing on a commercial scale. Getting my writing skills to where I feel comfortable to charge for output has been my priority.

My game plan is to bid on Upwork for any suitable writing gigs so that I can get good reviews and gently scale my efforts. This is by doing small articles at low cost then gently increase my rate.

How is that achievable? Well my perception is that doing five articles at $5 each that get 5 star reviews is a great way to start. Then do five articles at $10 and so on. Lets see how this plays out shall we?

Where else am I going to get my writing fluent and learn to earn whilst honing the skills of being a content whore? Textbroker has been applied for and I await a reply to my sample. iWriter will be next. But these are low paying I hear you scream. Yip, but I am being paid to learn and as a native English speaker I hope I have an edge  – what do you think?

What About Internet Marketing?

Coconut on beachInternet marketing has been something close to my heart for a very long time and any way I can earn from sitting at my laptop where I want to, when I want to, is the way I want to live.

Creating products and launching them on Warrior Plus for sale at the forum and elsewhere is a route I want to go. Once again I have practiced long enough, so now is the time to move.

Everything above is moving towards a self sustainable living which will be achieved this year. What about support and back up when I need it?

I have found communities where there is help. One I joined and have felt that there is a lot of like minded people is Location Rebel which is run by Sean Ogle. After lurking for over a year my involvement is now going to be 100% as there are like minded people there who have traveled the same road.

Facebook groups have their place and being involved in one particular one has been a great resource to get help and see others doing well which is a great spur.

What About Educating Myself?

Recently there have been a lot of discounted courses at Udemy. There is a lot of rubbish there, but scout around and do due diligence.

There are brilliant courses which can be had for £10 or US $15 (at time of writing) which will give you everything you need to get going. These are more often than not better value than rehash junk WSO’s at the Warrior Forum. (Sorry but that is the truth in my perspective and everyone is entitled to an opinion – however wrong it may be!)

What about YOU?

Lounge lizardEnough about my plans and the all egocentric ‘I’. What are you going to do this year and how are you going to achieve it?

Same old mill for you? Be a total lounge lizard like I have? Whinge, whine and carry on doing what you have been? Or grab it by the balls and squeeze the life out of it?


Tell me in the comments below and lets get going…


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