Walking Down The Beach – Beachcombing…

Last week as I strolled down the beach, I thought of how beach combing and internet marketing were similar. 

As my feet left their marks in the sand behind me, so waves gently washed those prints away. Stooping down to retrieve a shell which had caught my eye, the shiny object syndrome came to mind too.

The parallels were uncanny. Finding a spot of shade under a palm tree to sit under the shell was turned over in my hand.

As the shell dried, it lost its appeal so I lay it down in the sand next to me and turned my mind to where else I was going to stroll that day. Sound familiar?

How often has a product caught your eye, not been what it seemed after picking it up (because of the sales page) so you discard it and look for something else?

That is the journey I was on for far too long and now it is all behind me. That is now why I am the Beachcomber Marketer.

Looking for and producing products, sharing those I feel are worth keeping or putting to use and seriously discarding those that are not really all they seem to be.

I do not want my foot prints to be casually washed away in the Internet Marketing beach, but grow deeper, so others can follow and live the way the want to…

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