Avoid False Guru Status – Boost Your Credibility

GuruWhilst I was writing the review and associated video on this post, it gave me pause for thought on the word ‘Guru’ and how people distrust the concept of expert status until it is proven by others.

It’s an unfortunate reality, but the landscape of online marketing has
been invaded over the past decade by those claiming to be experts in
things that they, to put it politely, aren’t. The ‘fake it ’til you
make it’ bravado approach was actually wildly effective for a number of
years, but the reality now is Continue reading

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IM Guru With Coaching Review and Bonus

IM Guru – Will you work at it and make it a success? Or will you ignore it and say that it will never work for you? This is what my take on IM Guru can or cannot do for you…

When I read the title of the course IM Guru with Coaching I groaned in disbelief. NOT ANOTHER so called ‘Guru’.

Then I read the sales page, laughed Continue reading

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Top Video Marketing Concepts

YoutubeToday I got sent this guest post. There are a lot of things that go into being an effective marketer in the current climate. Video has been around for a long time, but how effective are you at doing what is necessary to get the results others brag about? Here is one perspective as given to me.

Today video marketing is huge, and when you Continue reading

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PLR – What, When and How to You Use – And Make Money – with It.

PLR quality contentRecently there has been a lot of interesting questions I have been getting about PLR. Rather than just answer questions in private mails, it is a lot easier to discuss it here.

So, the most common questions that crop up are what is PLR and how does it differ from other licenses like master resale rights? And why should you care about the differences?

Well, when we refer to PLR, what is meant is the product, which could be something as simple as a pack of articles or as complex as a complete marketing package with eBooks and audio recordings, has a license granting the new owner the right to use the content as he or she Continue reading

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No More Distractions

focusIt is easy to get caught up in the emails that you seem to receive every day. If you have been around the make money online circles for any length of time, you will be on numerous peoples lists. This is where the problems start.
First you buy a recommended product. You get included on that marketers list. You start reading their mailings. You bought their product and thus into them.
They now recommend you buy a product, which you do. You know like and trust them right? So you Continue reading

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6 Major Reasons People Procrastinate

Join ourprocrastinatorsclub - next weekWith all the best will in the world, we all have things to do and we know we should get on and do them. When are you going to launch your new (first?) product? How is that epic novel going? Where is all that stuff you are going to put onto eBay to start getting cash in?

Do you procrastinate? Are you constantly putting things off, even when you know accomplishing them is the best thing to do? If so, you are certainly not alone. Everyone procrastinates or shirks responsibility at some time or other. The problem is that chronic procrastination can damage your health, ruin you financially, and Continue reading

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8 Top Tips for Getting More Email List Subscribers

opt in imageMany Internet entrepreneurs start out building their business on the side. They have a regular job, a busy life, lots of personal and business commitments, and very little time to work on building their list. If this sounds familiar, you will appreciate what you’re about to read. The following 8 top tips for getting more email list subscribers can be rolled out quickly, most of them in 5 minutes or less.

1 – Add an Opt-In Form to Your Email Signature

This is super simple, and Continue reading

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Why You Should Be Using Social Media to Grow Your List

social media iconsHow many Facebook fans do you have? Is your LinkedIn group loaded with thousands of followers? If you got in at the beginning of the Twitter explosion, you could have tens or even hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers. Now let’s ask another question … how many of those followers you have worked so hard to accumulate are actually on your email list?

If you have 10,000 social network followers, what good are they really? That may or may not engage with you, and as soon as you make a post Continue reading

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How to Use PLR

Just asked: How do I use the PLR that I buy?

Now there is a really good question that is always difficult to answer as it really depends on what type of PLR you buy. Here I share a video from Continue reading

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Should You Try to Monetize Your Blog From the Beginning?

Monetize blogThe question posed is one which comes up often. In the challenge I undertook a couple of years back, we had to establish our blogs with a few posts to start with and then hit the offers. Here is another perspective from another marketer who has asked to remain nameless. Please Continue reading

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