The 3 Clients in 30 Days Challenge Review

There are many ways that you can make money online. Sometimes the variety overwhelms people and leaves them wondering where to start and what to do. In recent months I have found that the best way to start actually putting money in my account is by offering a service. How about one that gives you on average $800 profit a month every month per customer? How about starting off with  just 3 customers?

Although offering a service instantly makes people think of Continue reading

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How to Find a Profitable Niche

searching for a productIf you spend any time looking for products to promote online the level of frustration to finding a good product or niche is probably the same as mine.

That was until I discovered this easy way to do so which I recently stumbled over. Here are 4 proven ways on how to find a profitable niche and earn money as an affiliate marketer.

Rather than trying to find a product to promote, step back and focus on a niche audience to promote to instead. Why does it make sense to focus on an Continue reading

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The Elite Five Review


There are many ways that people make money online. And then again there are many ways that people lose money by getting things that purport to make them money and will never in a thousand years ever get them earning anything.

In this latest offering from Bill Hugall, there is not just one way to make  money online, but five. Hence the name of the product. Now where Bill is different from others who have been sending out offerings recently is that Continue reading

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Marketing Ethics – And You?

When looking at some marketing antics that people get up to, I wonder how they can put their heads on their pillows at night and sleep.

There came a time not so long ago when I stood back and took a long hard look at what I was doing and what others had taught me to do. Was it ethical? Have you ever thought about what you are doing?

In the early days when starting out I Continue reading

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The 1k Freelance SEO Challenge Review

Following hard on the heels of another review I did on another product this week, comes my ‘The 1k Freelance SEO Challenge Review’. Although the product name states SEO, this can be used for just about any service you wish to run on Continue reading

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Street Smart Profits Review

Street Smarts Profits is a really easy product to go through and I found that the course was well presented and in a good dashboard layout. Here is my video which says what my experience and thoughts on the product are. There is a lot I was unable to show without giving the farm away and it would have been unfair on the product owners if I had. I think that my Street Smarts Profits Review video says Continue reading

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DFY Profit Funnel Blueprint Review and Bonus


Reed Floren has brought out a “DFY Profit Funnel,” where even if you are a complete newbie he says you can start building their list immediately.
Well, I have had review access of the total package including the OTO and I can honestly say that Continue reading

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Art Flair Slick Daily Profits Review and Bonus

Slick Daily Profits is Continue reading

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4 Steps for Freeing Yourself from Your Ego

After reading my post from yesterday, I got a message from a subscriber who asked about self image and marketing. Then they went on to ask if they could contribute, so I said that I would love them to assist with a guest post. They are shy so asked not to be mentioned (that is the most selfless guest poster I have heard about), so here you are from un-named source, take it away…

A narcissist has an inflated image of his or her own importance. This person’s ego is sky-high. This creates a constant need for Continue reading

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Epic Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Coconut on beachLying on the sun lounger and looking out over my ample belly at the sea quietly waving from the beach at me, it was time to take stock of my situation and plan ahead.

Anyway, enough time had been spent on coconuts and snoozing (not really, who can ever get enough of that?)

For far too long the dreaded shiny objects have lured me to my financial doom and now was time to reflect on what I had done about it.

Maybe like me your major problem is looking at doing too many things all at once instead of mastering one thing and then moving on to another. This leads to Continue reading

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