Marketing Ethics – And You?

When looking at some marketing antics that people get up to, I wonder how they can put their heads on their pillows at night and sleep.

There came a time not so long ago when I stood back and took a long hard look at what I was doing and what others had taught me to do. Was it ethical? Have you ever thought about what you are doing?

In the early days when starting out I believed everything I read about the marketing process and how to earn money online. The simple process on how to rank a website on the first page of Google was so easy that I was doing it in no time.

Then Google slapped me. And hard. The pain still hurts years later. You see it was not only the money that was sunk into the many AdSense sites that I had built and the many spam back-links that fed them; it was the belief in others that was shattered. Google punished poor ethics – mine.

Naivete has a price and I paid it. The results are a severely hard skin and extremely short arms with a difficulty in parting with my hard earned cash. This bitterness led to a hard learning curve that there are many marketers who smile and cheer you on whilst milking you for every penny they can.

One day I had the fluke of meeting a genuine marketer who will remain nameless. He heard my story and did something about it. He taught me many things which built up my trust again and my finances. For no more than a little work I did for him now and again he gave freely of his time and expertise.

Looking back with hind sight there are a lot of very genuine people out there who will give of their time and effort to help. Many are prepared to go the extra mile to help someone who genuinely wants to succeed and will work for that success. So yes – there are many good and ethical marketers out there. Just finding them is the hard bit.

There is no silver bullet or easy solution on how to make money online so do not listen to the liars who say there is an easy way out. It can be done. Work at it, and work well.
Keep your ethics where they should be and believe in yourself. Then others will too.

This video from Eric Thomas says more than I ever could. Keep your ethics – but never give up. I will not, what about you?
Never forget – you are phenomenal.


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