IM Guru With Coaching Review and Bonus

IM Guru – Will you work at it and make it a success? Or will you ignore it and say that it will never work for you? This is what my take on IM Guru can or cannot do for you…

When I read the title of the course IM Guru with Coaching I groaned in disbelief. NOT ANOTHER so called ‘Guru’.

Then I read the sales page, laughed out loud and contacted the marketer behind the launch.

The product he sent me to review is a 35 page pdf with a really good way on how to make a product that people will want to buy from you and how you can build a list – and make a very comfortable living.

So please have a look at 8am CST on 20 July here:

If you buy this from my link, there will be a whole lot of bonus content I will have for you:

100k Copywriting Formula – this is a complete formula that

you can use in your daily business to really accelerate your writing

skill set and this compliments IM Guru Coaching well.


WP Notification Plus – software that allows you to create your

own attention grabbing notification box that will look like a FB

message, Skype call, Yahoo messenger and Google talk in less than

3 minutes – excellent for IM Guru Coaching product sites.


101 Outsourcing techniques – once you get going, you will see

how much of your business you can get others to do. This will free

your time to concentrate on the main aspects of IM Guru Coaching.


Backend Marketing Offers – gives a massive profit boost as it shows the

many ways you can monetise your list after the sale is done through

the IM Guru Coaching lifestyle.


WP Ever Lead Plugin is a great way to power up your sites and

collect leads, 8 pre-designed professional styles or build your own.


Copywriting Crackdown – will give you the edge and this complements

the other copywriting bonus in this package by giving another perspective

and skill set.


Create Your Own Brand – One discovery that many people make

in IM is that it pays huge dividends to brand yourself from the start.

This shows you step by step how to do this and is an element that

will set you aside from others who succeed with the

IM Guru Coaching –which is why I added it!


Membership sites – Look around at where the continuous

money is being made. Launches are great but sometimes

life gets in the way and you will want to have guaranteed monthly

money rolling in, well, this is how you do it.


Pro Copywriter – is the third copywriting bonus in this pack. Now can

you see how important it is to get your copy right. This is where

fortunes can be made – or lost.


Write Great Email Subject Lines – Half the battle is getting your

mail shots opened  – this shows you how to get that to happen.


WP Notify Pro – forces social sharing by locking any kind of

content – display a countdown timer create urgency, unlock content,

make it disappear and more. We all know how important social

sharing is these days and this makes it automatic.


Write Your Way to Success – The title says it all – have a

good long read then action what you discover


Follow these steps to receive your bonus and discount.


1) Please click this link (from 8am CST July 20th) which will go

directly to the “IM Guru + Coaching” Sales Page.

2) Your bonuses are already pre-loaded and waiting for you on the

Warrior+ download page after paying through the sales page.

Go here now


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