No More Distractions

focusIt is easy to get caught up in the emails that you seem to receive every day. If you have been around the make money online circles for any length of time, you will be on numerous peoples lists. This is where the problems start.
First you buy a recommended product. You get included on that marketers list. You start reading their mailings. You bought their product and thus into them.
They now recommend you buy a product, which you do. You know like and trust them right? So you buy this indispensable product to help you on your way. This gets you onto another list.
It does not take long before your mail box becomes so congested that you spend your time reading gripping emails and buying more products you do not have time to use – because you are ‘busy’ reading emails.
This vicious circle is what kills a lot of dreams for those who want to achieve the freedom of earning a living online before long.

So what do you do and where do you stop?

Go into your email in box and have a really good look at the mails you receive. Do the mails from certain marketers just push the next thing onto you or are they adding value with tips, observations and showing what they learnt lately? Product pusher get the unsubscribe. Sharers stay.
It is difficult to decide who to get shot of sometimes as the law of reciprocity dictate that if they have given you something valuable, the least you can do is stick around. Think of it this way, can you remember what you bought and why you bought it from them? If not, you know what to do.
Being brutal and unsubscribing from a lot of marketers mails is very liberating as all of a sudden you find yourself with the two things you really need.

Focus and Time.

You have now bought yourself the most precious commodity in the world. Your time is the most valuable thing you have and to use it to focus is vital. Focus on one thing, get really good at it, learn everything you can about it, get it working (making money)for you and then look around for something new.
This is what I should have done a long time ago. Now I realize how much time, effort and energy I lost chasing the dream, what I did not see, was it was sitting quietly next to me all the time.
How did this happen?
Have a look at this please. It is what started me on the path I am on now. The freedom road for internet marketers.




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