Epic Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Coconut on beachLying on the sun lounger and looking out over my ample belly at the sea quietly waving from the beach at me, it was time to take stock of my situation and plan ahead.

Anyway, enough time had been spent on coconuts and snoozing (not really, who can ever get enough of that?)

For far too long the dreaded shiny objects have lured me to my financial doom and now was time to reflect on what I had done about it.

Maybe like me your major problem is looking at doing too many things all at once instead of mastering one thing and then moving on to another. This leads to the ultimate problem of being like a dog chasing its tail. The result is the same.

Needing to find the one thing that would be the mainstay of my lifestyle had been slow in allowing itself to be discovered. Many ways of how I could make money online have been tried and found to not be a fit for me. That is one way of putting it anyway.

Sadly some of the ways tried and found successful had been removed from my grasp as the big G banned my successful AdSense account for reasons of their own. In hindsight the problem was a dodgy traffic source as advised by a ‘Guru’ who didn’t know his policies but made a pretty penny for peddling his ‘push button riches’.

BingBing was another place who frowned upon some of my little experiments and a thorough read of their terms and conditions helped clarify the situation to me. It is amazing what you can learn when you try and actually read the things you should have, before trusting some ‘expert’.

Moving house and bank would have assisted in opening new accounts in various places where advertising was needed to generate income, but that is a side issue and a bit too drastic!

At the start of the mission to make the elusive money online, if the explanation had been given that there were so many ways to get the results that were wanted or could be had, the road would have been a lot easier.

One thing that is clear to me is that a mentor is a must. The real problem is finding the right one. You see, there are any number of courses and blueprints available, but having someone you can ask questions of along the way is almost priceless.

So often little things stump you and a simple question (no such thing as a stupid question) with a similarly simple answer will get you on track. There are only so many things you can learn from YouTube, but there are areas where little tricks and shortcuts can save so much time and heartache.

So what was my decision as I pondered my portly belly and the view over it? Instead of thinking about doing something, I had done something positive which was what led me to ponder my navel space once more.

Ship wreckThe biggest impact that can happen is to write here more about what I have found and what impact it has on my finances. Writing about the thinks I stumble over on this beach of mine and try out will help others I hope. If you are in the same situation with your business then you will be able to compare notes and see if there is something in common with our experiences.

If something bombs or is a no go, what better place to tell of it? Then again if that something I found works well, what a pleasure to be able to share.

With those sentiments, one thing I want to share is this:

  • Find a specific mentor who excels in one specific field.
  • Do anything and everything you are told to do by the mentor.
  • Give complete 100% focus to THAT mentor.
  • Learn and become expert in that one field doing it their way.
  • Do it no different – they are the expert.
  • Earn from that system/method/whatever it is and use it as part of the Replace Your Salary Fund.
  • Move on to the next ‘thing’ once you know ‘it’ like the back of your hand (outsource if possible to allow you to scale).
  • Ensure that what each mentor does is something you really find appealing, or forget it, do not waste each other’s time and money.
  • One egg, one basket.
  • Lots of baskets.


One mentor I have taken on and found to dramatically help is Simple Spencer. He was mentoring me and then he opened up a coaching/mentoring program called the The Gladiator’s Circle of which I am now a member. It is not for everyone as it is not cheap. However, if you have the funds available and want to get motivated and to get earning, I firmly believe that this is a very good way forward.

As a reader of mine you can join through this link HERE.

If you do not or cannot join the program for any reason, then do not fear. On this very website I will be publishing more thoughts and reviews of products that I personally try before promoting to anyone. So, stick around, join my list through the form on the side bar, and let’s get making money together.

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