DFY Profit Funnel Blueprint Review and Bonus


Reed Floren has brought out a “DFY Profit Funnel,” where even if you are a complete newbie he says you can start building their list immediately.
Well, I have had review access of the total package including the OTO and I can honestly say that I am totally impressed with what I see.
EVERYTHING stated in the sales page I found to be true.

In conjunction with Khondoker and Saul Maraney he has thought of just about everything you will need to produce a first class landing page and everything else needed to start list building.
As with any business in a box type product, you will need to have your own hosting, domain and auto responder.
In the manual he has used Aweber as his responder of choice.
The templates are set up to accept Aweber too.
He has done all the hard work that will normally leave people out the loop totally! All you really need to do is to change a few links and upload the files to your servers.
There is a step by step “funnel setup” manual included.

2. Profit Funnel Blueprint
This is a 45 page report on list building with solo ad as well as traffic from forums.
You will learn how a unique funnel is set up. The system is fully tested so that tire-kickers are excluded and only the “Responsive” subscribers sign up in the front end.

The “DFY Profit Funnel,” is put together based on the principles discussed in “Profit Funnel Blueprint” report.

3. DFY Auto-responder Email Sequences

Due to the unique nature of the landing page you are provide with, there are four very different Auto responder Email Sequences provided which will also be accompanying with the “DFY Profit Funnel.”
You will set these up in your auto responder accounts which will build up the so important know, like and trust part of the relationship.

4. PLR Rights to 6 Internet Marketing E-Books

With the email provided email sequences, you also get PLR rights to 6 editable reports on IM subjects.
You have the opportunity to fully edit these to your liking and thus make them ‘your’ products.
You will give away these reports to your subscribers to establish your authority.

So you get “Profit Funnel Blueprint” report + DFY Profit Funnel + Four different email sequence + 6 e-books with giveaway rights, all for one purchase with only $7- $9.95.

One small drawback is that he suggests you use solo ads to grow your list quickly.
This is a bit of a problem if you are a little cash strapped and need to use only the forum marketing option.

NOW – I have seen a small thing which is missing from this package so I have created a bonus especially for this product which will make your progress so much easier whether you are a newbie or seasoned pro.
The review access gave me great insight which enabled me to create the bonus which will only be available if you buy through my link which is above and below this description.

GRAB yours here

After you have concluded your payment, you will be given your bonus on the download page automatically – it’s waiting for you.

Oh yeah, the bonus by the way is a short report on how to retain the responsiveness of your list as well as a ‘fill in the blanks’ set of email templates which will keep you in mails forever!

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