Cash Beyond Words Review and Bonus

Cash Beyond Words is a product which I bought having had a read of the long sales page and thinking it would possibly be a good fit for my business as it appeared to be something which resonated with me.

Seeing that I could get the product at the low entry price the decision to check it out was not hard as I say in the video below.

What ┬ádiscovered is that the product is unique in the way it shows you to build a true business in any niche at all. This is a pleasant departure from the usual ‘you will only make money on the make money online niche’.

Going through the well laid out members area the videos are clear and easy to follow. The explanation of how to identify your particular niche and how to develop a readership or tribe – is something which is very refreshing particularly if you are like me and getting tired of rehashed BS.

Using the videos, I learnt a way of doing a sales funnel which is unique. Using a specific WordPress theme which will allow you to create a complete funnel without using expensive third party page builders more than covers the cost paid for the front end.

There are a lot of page builders out there which marketers swear by as the best thing since whatever. Good for them, I like simple and basic with less moving parts to go wrong. This is it.

The traffic method used is not new to me but the way of implementing it is a very clever take on it. Another part of the product well worth the entrance payment.

So pleased with the product, I asked to be allowed to promote it which was granted so I made a unique bonus for those who buy from me. It is a cheat sheet which covers a lot of information which will boost the product and give inspiration as well as access to further FR*E training. (Promise!)

I will not bore you further, just to say that this is brilliant, well worth it and if you have any questions, please ask either in the comments below or shoot me a mail.

Funnily enough you can buy the product here – thanks for asking.




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