Walking Down The Beach – Beachcombing…

Last week as I strolled down the beach, I thought of how beach combing and internet marketing were similar. 

As my feet left their marks in the sand behind me, so waves gently washed those prints away. Stooping down to retrieve a shell which had caught my eye, the shiny object syndrome came to mind too. Continue reading

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3 Services You Can Start Offering to Start Earning Now

Sometimes when people start out on their entrepreneurship journey, they
aren’t certain of what they want to do. They know they want to escape a
9-5 grind and live life on their own terms, but the exact means they’ll
use to fund this life might be a bit of a mystery.

Obviously, that’s a big problem as – depending on your financial
reserves – sitting around contemplating for too long isn’t usually an
option for most people. So you need to bring in some cash, and Continue reading

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How to Make a Hundred a Day in 30 Days

This lovely little video explains just how simple it really is to do these 3 simple ways to make $100 a day in 30 days ($3000). This was a bold claim so thought I would watch it whilst researching on YT.

It was only when I got a short way through that it became apparent I should share it, so here it is Continue reading

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How To Make A $1000 Per Month With SEO Site Even If You Suck At SEO

This is not the most original title I know but I am stealing from a master. Love him or not, this video got my attention:



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SEO Beginners Guide

If you do any research on SEO using YouTube, you will no doubt come across the famous Becker. He is famously foul mouthed, knowledgeable and rich. Oh yes, and allegedly knows his SEO stuff.

Some love him, and some hate him. What do you think of this short crash course Continue reading

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Cash Beyond Words Review and Bonus

Cash Beyond Words is a product which I bought having had a read of the long sales page and thinking it would possibly be a good fit for my business as it appeared to be something which resonated with me.

Seeing that I could get the product at the low entry price the decision to check it out was not hard as I say in the video below.

What  discovered is that the product is unique in the way it shows you to build a true business in any niche at all. This is a pleasant departure from Continue reading

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How to Get Traffic to Your Website

The lifeblood of any online business is the traffic you get to see your website. Having stated the obvious, why do so many people suck at getting traffic? If you are like me, you tried everything but nothing worked for you. Paid traffic is not cheap or in some cases effective. Free traffic – is it truly free? Try these methods to get the traffic you need to get your website where Continue reading

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Why Neil Patel Writes Epic Blog Posts

bloggingNeil Patel is the creator of QuickSprout, a business and marketing blog. That website earns him over $1 million per year, with 90% of that revenue coming from free traffic. The guy knows more than a little bit about boosting your blog traffic, and he discovered something about blog post links that you can immediately put to work to improve the amount of free traffic you get from the search engines.

The “No One Reads Long Content” Myth

Social media is full of extremely short messages. The human attention span is Continue reading

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How to Deal With Blogger’s Block

Do you get writer’s block? For bloggers that phrase has been renamed Blogger’s Block. It sounds like a real thing, doesn’t it? You may have experienced it yourself. It might have kept you from publishing posts and creating content, even though you were on a strict deadline. If that is the case, you may be interested to know that Continue reading

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2017 – Where are You Going?

beach officeEvery New Year there is the panic mode to start making a difference or sweeping promises to change how we are and where we want to be. What have you promised yourself in a blind panic to improve your lot this year?

For me, arriving back in the United Kingdom via Moscow after three weeks on the beaches of Thailand was a grim reminder that my bank balance was the reason to return. The cold wet arrival in the dark was sobering after the warm sunshine and tranquility of the days gone by. Sitting down in my office eight hours after landing was Continue reading

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The 3 Clients in 30 Days Challenge Review

There are many ways that you can make money online. Sometimes the variety overwhelms people and leaves them wondering where to start and what to do. In recent months I have found that the best way to start actually putting money in my account is by offering a service. How about one that gives you on average $800 profit a month every month per customer? How about starting off with  just 3 customers?

Although offering a service instantly makes people think of Continue reading

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